How to get prescription for valium

How to convince a doctor I need Xanax

7.18.2018 author Kevin Bargeman
How to get prescription for valium

Have a very specific diagnosis, including a second opinion---both by mental health or How can I convince my doctor to prescribe Valium instead of Xanax?.

It depends on the country. Some countries, like the US and Hungary, tend toward Xanax in my experience. But in others, like the Netherlands, doctors more commonly prescribe oxazepam.

If he thinks you need medication for diagnosed anxiety then he will prescribe what HE (or she) thinks will work best, not what YOU think( which is based on what friends have told you, you’ve read online, or think is right because it makes you feel good.) But of course, if you don’t get what you want, you c. “Convince him I need Xanax” makes you sound like a drug seeker and there’s no quicker way to turn us off in the medical field than to come across that way. You need to -discuss your anxiety honestly and openly and listen to his thoughts. Your whole approach quite honestly isn’t going to work.

Present a patient history showing successful treatment using Xanax by doctors who still have you in good standing. 1.

Benzo's are nothing, ur just a baby.". "weak, try coming off suboxone after being on it 4 years.

I would write a detailed description of my symptoms of anxiety, including other efforts you have tried to alleviate it, such as exercise, improving sleep hygiene, consulting with a mental health professional, possible triggers, other medications you may have tried, including anti-depressants.…

5. Find a doctor who specifically chooses to deal with benzodiazepine prescribing and managing. Some doctors specialize in it or deal primarily with it, some doctors avoid it altogether, and some dabble but oftentimes prefer only short-term prescribing of it.

I can’t say I approve of your behavior myself.

Make sure you bring empty bottles or a prescribing history, as well as a prescribing doctor's phone number, so they do not ignore you or kick you out as a drug-seeker. They are generally obligated to offer maintenance doses or to direct you to a detox clinic which will do so under inpatient (or less likely, outpatient) conditions. If you are currently in benzodiazepine withdrawal, you should go to the emergency room. 4.

People who abused the drug ruined things for use legitimate users. Not knowing why you need the xanax, I hesitate to say anything else.

With Xanax there is no escape.". Watch the video "Xanax: More Addictive than Heroin". At least heroin will kill you. "Anyone who is dismissive of benzodiazepines -- particularly Xanax -- has never had any long term exposure to it. Xanax is far more dangerous than heroin or suboxone. It is far more addictive as well.

Here are a few options that might help your case, if you do indeed need Xanax and are dealing with a doctor who is rigorous in his treatment practices:

2. Have a very specific diagnosis, including a second opinion---both by mental health or anxiety specialists, of a condition that is indicated on the drug labeling for Xanax.

There are way more treatments out there than just drug therapies, and putting in an effort to find less dangerous and less protracted methods of managing your condition shows good faith and a desire to medicate responsibly. Exhaust all the common alternative methods of treating whatever it is you feel requires Xanax. 6. That does not mean to take all the different classes of drugs, as those can have unpredictable, detrimental, or fatal effects on your condition or life in general.

Below are some of the comments. This link is to a video, one of hundreds or thousands, of someone suffering horribly in withdrawal. 3. Learn some of the lingo so that when you talk to your doctor, he or she will know that you really want to become an addict and aren't just asking for Xanax to be cute.

I do know that anxiety can manifest itself physically sometimes. on their chests. Some people experience a “tight-chested” feeling. The more dramatic ones l you it feels as though they have something such as weights, a fat person, large animals, etc.

But doctors are reluctant to prescribe an addictive drug.

People are gunna smoke you for asking this, not a great idea.

I have a legitimate anxiety disorder that was managed well by Xanax and I can't even get it. It's even tough to get a lower potency benzodiazepine. Good luck these days.

The word "need" is probably not the most diplomatic way of phrasing your desire for this specific drug/type of drug. 3. Ask him what you are required or preferred to do to be considered eligible for benzodiazepine treatment by him or his staff.

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So I suggest you explain to your doctor what you are struggling with. They will likely know which drug will work best for your specific concerns.

Some places charge fees to transfer records, especially if you try to get them yourself instead of sending them straight to a new doctor. Patient notes, treatment histories, and official diagnoses can be transferred between doctors and facilities by signing a HIPAA consent and directing the records to whoever needs to be viewing them.

But why do you need Xanax? Why not any other anxiolytic? If your issues are legitimate, I see no reason why your doctor wouldn't prescribe you something you need. However, if you ask directly for Xanax, your doctor will likely think you are wanting to use it recreationally.

So sorry you had to go through this, hope you stay clean. Xanax should be removed from the market, it's the devil!". "Been there, it's like your body aches all over! Like your face hurts, every breath is painful.and I only took what was prescribed.

It's horrible. I know what hell I went through, I can't imagine how bad you feel. Hang in there dear, it takes awhile.". "It's HELL! And I was only taking one mg per day for 6 months.

l the doctor that you are looking forward to developing dementia and you know about the research that showing that people who take Xanax and similar drugs are more likely to develop dementia than everyone else. 2.

Just went 9 days cold turkey–that is real hell on earth. Benzo's will kill your a$$ or give you brain damage". Coming off oxymorphone is nothing and Heroin–that is easy compared to benzodiazepine! I been on 6mg a day of xanax for 7 years. Opiates are not that hard to quit. "Suboxone is nothing you p**sy.

And to specifically ask only for Xanax if you haven’t tried other treatments is a red flag.

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Sometimes medication is required. I have chronic anxiety, which began when I was 10 and watched my little brother die after a prolonged and untreated illness.

So, here are some suggestions. Warning; this is a sarcastic answer mean to warn you that Xanax is a rocky ride. (You didn't say why you want Xanax, so it is hard to know if your desire for it is legit. It might be upsetting and it might not be appropriate.

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